I am not embarrassed by this peculiarity, I will readily admit that I like women with a few extra pounds. Call them what you will: curvy, pleasantly plump, plus size, ample, plush, zaftig, whatever. I don’t mean a super size woman, but one that’s like the majority of women in America, just carrying a few extra pounds. Maybe 20, 30 or 40, even 50 pounds overweight, it could be more or less depending on the woman and how she carries herself. I’ve had this attraction for as long as I’ve had a sex drive, even my friends in high school would tease me about my preference for plump girls. I’m not sure when or how it started, it’s just a part of me and I enjoy it. I’m not going to take this time to over-analyze why I like plump women, I’m just going to enjoy their ample charms.

And I definitely do not mean a woman that deliberately overeats to gain weight. That’s just as artificial as all those anorexic models that continually starve themselves to stay way too skinny, just the other way around. A naturally plump woman got that way by enjoying life, by not denying herself a slice of cheesecake. By taking joy in life and wanting to live it to the fullest. Such a woman will not only be plump, but also paradoxically more athletic. She will eat well and play hard. For her, plumpness will not be an end in itself, it will be an external indicator of her inner character and zest for life. Such a woman will have a unique inner beauty that will shine out through the medium of her personality. She might not be fashionable, but she will always be interesting, and often very exciting. Exciting in every way, not just sexually exciting. She will be intriguing, stimulating, fascinating, all these things and much more. She may show different facets of her personality at different times, as the mood strikes her, surprising any man she’s with and sometimes even surprising herself.

So, gentlemen, if you have the good fortune to make the acquaintance of a plump woman, don’t deny her that ice cream or any other treat that she wants. Just enjoy her and accept her the way she is and you will harvest the generous rewards of such a relationship. Here’s my list of:

Reasons Why a Plump Woman is Better…

(Given in no particular order.)

1. A plump woman has more curves. Let’s face it, the classic image of a woman is curvy, and a plump woman fits that image perfectly. Take a look at one of the most desired women in history, Marilyn Monroe. She definitely wasn’t a skinny waif. No indeed, she was a woman of some substance. Another recent example is Jennifer Lopez. Almost every guy I know appreciates her round bottom as a classic emblem of femininity.

2. A plump woman has more cushioning. Who wants to hug a skeleton? A plump woman is softer to rest you head, or anything else, on. For examples, see above.

3. Another guy won’t try to steal her away. The shallow guys who like thin women won’t even pay attention, and the more discerning guys (the ones who appreciate women of ample charms) are usually discerning enough to not make the attempt.

4. A plump woman usually knows how to cook, and often very well. Even if she doesn’t cook, she will still know the value of good food. It is possible that she will have the tastes of a gourmet. Actually this could be a disadvantage if you like cheap cheeseburgers and greasy fries. A plump companion can make every meal into an adventure.

5. A plump woman is usually more adventurous. A plump woman didn’t get that way by not trying new and different things. A plump woman is more likely to try a new food / game / travel destination / activity / sexual position / etc. It should be easier to convince her to explore the world and her own sexuality.

6. A plump woman is not into self-denial. If she wants something, she will find a way to get it. You may not have to learn to take a hint; she can easily become un-subtle about what she wants.

7. A plump woman will develop different skills to attract a man and keep his interest. Skinny women tend to rely on looks alone. A plump woman is more likely to be able to “suck a golf ball through a garden hose” or have other hidden talents. It’s up to you to explore and exploit these talents.

8. A plump woman has a large appetite for life. (See numbers 5 and 6.) A large appetite at the table is likely to indicate a large appetite for other things, including in bed. The only difficulty is to keep up with her appetites. Maybe invest in some Viagra?

9. A plump woman will tend to have very sensitive nipples. I don’t care what anyone else says about skinny women having more sensitive nipples; every plump woman I have ever been with has enjoyed the attention that I have given to her nipples. Some even had an orgasm just by nipple stimulation, rare but it happens. And don’t just confine your attentions to her nipples, enjoy the entirety of her breasts.

10. A plump woman isn’t afraid to ask you what you want. See number 6 above.

11. A plump woman isn’t going to criticize your beer belly.

12. A plump woman usually won’t ask “does this make me look fat?” If so she will often accept the answer “Yes, and I love it.”

13. A plump woman will often be stronger and have more stamina than a skinny woman. This has several advantages. This also goes along with trying new positions in number 5 above. Some positions require a certain amount of strength to try, and stamina to hold.

14. A plump woman usually won’t complain that you’re too heavy to be on top. Some even prefer the man on top. Just be sure to let her be on top sometimes

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