Some years ago I was surfing the net when I came across an American website selling a male masturbation machine. I was totally fascinated. I have a high sex drive and over the years when I have not been in a relationship have tried many so called “toys” to enhance masturbation and simulate real sex. As I read through the whole website my interest grew the more I read, this was no toy and was advertised as the ultimate male masturbation machine and if the testimonials by users were to be believed it was true.

It worked off mains electricity and resembled a piece of medical equipment rather than a sex toy. The machine was called a Venus 2000 machine. To briefly describe the machine; it consisted of a air pump to which is attached by a thin rubber tube a clear plastic cylinder (called a receiver). Stretched through the middle of this is a latex sheath, on the end on the cylinder is an end cap with a air valve. When switched on the pump pumps air in and out of the outer area between the sheath and the inner of the cylinder. When the penis is inserted into the lubricated sheath and the pump switched on the cylinder and sheath grips the enclosed penis and moves up and down providing a intense massage, both stroke length and speed are infinitely adjustable. As I continued to look at the website I found the price, this was a shock to say the least. It was ridiculously expensive and at that point I dismissed any thoughts I had had about buying one of these machines.

Despite this some days afterwards I found myself searching the internet for more information about this machine. I even found some email addresses of guys who had bought them, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to write and ask them about this device. The responses I received amazed me; they all thought it did all the makers claimed and more, together with the ability to give some incredible orgasms.

Over the next few months I did even more research and corresponded with more owners finding out everything I could about it. Finally I decided to buy a machine and I placed my order but still wondering if I was doing the right thing. At the time of buying I was still not in a relationship and did not want to take risks to satisfy my sexual needs and that also influenced my decision.

I think you can divide sex into three parts – one; the emotional experience, two; the experience of intimacy and three, the physical experience. Masturbation in whatever form it takes can only try to simulate the physical experience of sex, and that is exactly what the machine is designed to do. I guess the question that most people ask is how well it does that, the answer to that is in my opinion the physical sensations that the Venus machine is able to give when properly set up and adjusted are considerably more intense than having sex with a partner. This may seem a strange thing to say, but I am referring to just the physical sensations not the whole experience of sex with a loving partner. I have really great sex with my girlfriend but the penile sensations are still more intense with the Venus machine, and the orgasms are of a intensity that I have never experienced before using the Venus. I personally find using the machine pushes the intensity and feelings of physical pleasure far beyond what I have ever known.

To somebody who has not experienced the pleasure of the Venus it is difficult to describe, but here is my attempt.

Applying adequate lubricant to the inside of the rubber liner within the receiver and to your penis you then position the end of the receiver on the tip of your penis. Turn on the power, remove a little air from the sealed system by holding down one of the buttons on the remote control, the receiver will then suck you inside and slide slowly down the length of your penis until it can go no further. The feeling is quite loose and the receiver just slightly throbs but does not move. You then release just another small amount of air, as you do this you feel the grip of the smooth rubber liner starts to tighten around the whole length of your penis, but as yet still no movement. Just a little more air released and the grip tightens further, you can now clearly see the shape of your penis as the rubber liner seems to moulds itself to the shape of your penis a little like a condom does but thicker and not transparent.

There is now a feeling of intense anticipation as you carefully release still further small amounts of air until the receiver starts to finally move, slowly up and down still tightly griping you penis encased in the rubber liner. The more air released the greater the receiver moves but even with just a few centimetres of movement it is intensely pleasurable.

The feelings and sensations as it grips and rides up and down the penis is nothing short of pure bliss. Just a slight adjustment to the air within the machine again changes the length of stroke, and if not careful can leave you reeling and fighting to control your orgasm as the Venus seems to centre its movement on the extremely sensitive frenulum area below the head of the penis.

Turning the speed control down slightly reduces the frequency of the exquisite rubbing and stroking and enables you get in control again, laying back you vow not to touch the controls again and just lay there and let the Venus do its work. The receiver continues to relentlessly slide up and down, the slippery liner gripping every contour of your penis, what seemed manageable sensations some minutes ago seem to be growing in intensity yet you have not touched the controls.

You are now experiencing the most wonderful sensations that you have ever felt in your penis, a feeling that even exceeds the physical pleasures of vaginal or even anal intercourse. By this time even if you are generally quiet when having sex you will probably start to moan or even cry out in ecstasy as the intensity of the sensations emanating from your penis continue to build and build. As the thrills start to grow and the feelings in your penis start to get even more acute you involuntary start to move your hips, thrusting and pushing up to meet each of the Venus’s downward strokes, as you would thrust into a partner, you begin to realise you cannot fight or hold out any longer, orgasm is only seconds away, you just have to give in to the all consuming pleasure, you are no longer in control of your body – then it happens, you feel your penis get even harder and start to a throb, the lubricated liner seems to become a even snugger and tighter fit if that’s possible . . . your hips start to buck up and down and you cry out in pleasure as you lose control and pump spurt after spurt of sperm into the sucking latex liner. That of course does not do the Venus justice, you need to feel it, but it hopefully gives just a little insight as to what this incredible machine does.

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  1. After reading this, I want one! If only I could find an Australian supplier, though…

  2. Okay! out with it! tell us where we can get these machines as there are lots of lonely horny guys out here. the closest i can come to this is a homemade outfit made from a goat milking rig i bought at a farm sale for $20.00. after a few modifications i does the job but not like you describe.

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