After many years of being in the various “swinger’s scenes” and having been thru more than 500 one night stands and dozens of “relationships” , some shared some monogamous, and 5 engagements I final came up with a set of rules. Now the before was not said as a boast or brag but more as a resume for me writing these rules. I have seen the effects of dating a psycho ( and felt them) as well as the horrible side effects of virgins have the ultimate orgasmic rush. If only all dating, exploring, and adventures people knew them I think we would all be better off.


One Night Stands Definition: Sex 1 time with a person that will probably never be repeated

1. A condom is required to be used.

2. No phone calls unless previously agree d upon by both parties.

3. No empty promises. (i. e. “I’ll call you”) without the intent of following through.

4. Both parties must arrive and leave the rendezvous point with independent transportation.

5. Public acknowledgement of a ONS is punishable by death.

6. No comparing of partners.

7. Sexual turn-ons must be verbalized before commencing.

8. Orgasms must be achieved by both parties. (multiple orgasms are acceptable. )

9. Personal questions are discourage and are not required to be answered.

10. Endangerment of a partner is punishable by death.

11. Always carry a toothbrush and towel.

12. Any and all personal items left behind will be confiscated and destroyed.

13. No physical evidence i. e. hickeys, scratches, etc.

14. No coercion allowed… must be mutually consenting.

15. Romance will not be tolerated.

16. Anything said in the heat of passion is null and void.

17. Leaving immediately after sex is permissible and encouraged.

18. Ignorance of the rules shall not be considered an excuse.

A ONS shall not be limited to one period of darkness but rather a short period of time i. e. a weekend. Anything longer shall be governed by the rules of recreational sex.

Recreational Sex Definition: Sex more than 1 time for the mutual satisfaction of both parties. N o emotional commitments allowed.

1. Do not become infatuated.

2. Use of the “L”,”M”,”B”,or “G” words is prohibited.

3. A true friendship must be established.

4. An occasional ONS is required. (see ON S rules)

5. Honesty about current/previous sexual frolics is required.

6. Any head games must be agreed to by both parties and the rules set down before commencement.

7. Public displays of affection are strictly prohibited.

8. Jealousy is strictly prohibited.

9. All conversations with a partner are confidential.

10. No subject shall be taboo for conversation.

11. All questions shall be answered honestly.

12. Chivalry is permissible and encourage d but is not to be confused with romance.

13. All appearances of a normal nonsexual relationship must be maintained.

14. Insensitivity to a partners feelings is punishable by death.

15. Extensive teasing is not permissible unless agreed upon by both parties.

16. The frequency of contact both sexual and nonsexual must be agreed to by both parties.

17. All agreements do not need to be verbal, however if there are any questions a bout a nonverbal agreement the question must be verbalized immediately.

18. All rules of a normal friendship apply.

19. Every reasonable effort must be made to satisfy your partner.

20. Fixing up partners is permissible. The prospective date must be familiar and agree with the rules.

21. No Virgins

22. No fake orgasms will be permitted.

23. No comparing partners.

24. No physical evidence i. e. hickeys, scratches, etc.

25. Anything said in the heat of passion is null and void.

26. If you have sex with the friend of a recreational partner both parties must b e notified. *A married partners identity shall not b e revealed unless he/she consents. ** Married shall constitute any normally monogamous relationship. A person is allowed only one monogamous relationship.

27. If a partner sense a growing emotional tie in either themselves or the partner the situation must be discussed immediately. * A chilling out period is recommended but shall not end the relationship. The length of the chilling out period must be agreed on by both parties.

28. Both parties must agree on the rules before having sex after a major interruption. * If both parties do not agree on the rules the sex will be considered a ONS and the rules governing ONS will be enforced. Any violations of the rules must be brought to the attention of the partner immediately.

If you disagree with any or even all of the above, or if you have any comments I am more than willing to listen and possibly even add them to the list. Feel free to leave me a comment.

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  1. Great set of rule – very informative
    I am a single gal – just turned 50 and just discovered my sexuality & Clit

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