Okay, gentlemen, I just want to share with you some common myths about women that really get under my skin. I’m not saying that these statements don’t apply to some women out there (I’m sure they do), but they are not a blanket statement, encompassing all women, and I just want to set the record straight, once and for all. I’m tired of society misunderstanding women’s sexuality. Get ready for a rant.

Myth #1: Women aren’t visually stimulated. Bullshit. Looking at my man when he pulls his jeans down, and he’s hard, and I can see a perfect outline of his cock through his black Hanes boxer briefs, down to the groove around the head, I get soaked. Looking up at his tanned chest starting to get flushed, and his brown nipples getting stiff – that alone nearly drives me to orgasm. And, when I see his hand start to travel down his chest, over his abdomen, down to his, Oh God. Don’t get me started. I believe this myth is the sole reason why there are practically NO porn sites out there for women!! I want to see some naked men, damn it!! No offense to my gay friends out there (I love ya dearly), but I don’t want to have to resort to looking at a gay male site just to find some hot, naked guys! I want a site for straight women wanting to ogle at and drool over straight, hot, naked guys. Can I get an “Amen”, ladies??!!

Myth #2: Women don’t like hardcore porn. Bullshit. Just like any guy out there, I want to see some hardcore fuckin’. Not any of this namby-pamby pseudo-sex bullshit, but some real, cock-in-cunt, sucking, licking, fucking, cum spewing hardcore nasty sex. I don’t want simulated sex between two people wearing flesh-colored thongs where all I can see is the woman’s entire body, and the man’s chest and maybe his ass. What a rip-off. Give me hardcore porn any day.

Myth #3: Women are inherently all bisexual, some just may not know it yet. Dream on, boys. Learn to differentiate between fantasy and reality. The reality is, some women are lesbians, some are bi, and some are straight, just like with men. We are not, I repeat NOT all bisexual. I, for one, am straight. I love men, but women do nothing for me. I am not repressed, I am well aware of my preferences and I like men, period. *(pointing at self)* Loves the cock.

Myth #4: Women don’t like hardcore erotica, it has to be romantic, subtle, and insinuative, with a plot that they can get lost in. Bull shit. I’ve even seen some online e-zines go so far as to warn writers that their audience is “mostly women”, so they needed something “tasteful” and not “smut.” I love smut. In fact, if something has too much of a plot, I’m liable to skip most of the story, just to get to the good part. And, if (in the good part), I’m met with insinuations and euphemisms, I’m completely put off. I won’t read one more word. They’ve killed my happy time. I don’t want read about his “aching loins”. I want to read about his “hot, throbbing cock dripping with pre-cum.” I realize it’s all a matter of taste, and as I said, I’m sure there are women who fit the description that I wrote above. But, I also know I’m not alone and there are women out there with tastes just like mine that are being all but ignored.

Myth #5: Women don’t think about sex as much as men. Oh, hell yes, some of them do. And I would venture to bet that some of them could give you boys a run for your money. It’s just that when women admit to thinking about sex a LOT, they get labeled a “pervert.” Don’t ask me why this is, I’ve never understood double standards. But, it is what it is and many women don’t feel comfortable admitting how much they think about sex or some of the raunchy things that turn them on because other people (especially other women) judge them and try to make them feel wrong about it. It makes women uncomfortable to think that they are some oversexed, perverted nymphomaniac if they admit to and embrace some of the things I mentioned above. For those women, I want to say that you are not alone and there is nothing wrong with you. Women have just been censoring themselves for far too long. Embrace your inner freak, girl!

For the guys: I hope this has been an eye-opener for some of you and I hope you will take this information to heart. Like I said, it doesn’t apply to all women, but I think it’s important to know that there are a variety of women out there with different tastes and we are not all delicate flowers. We don’t all like to make sweet, gentle love. Some of us want a hard fucking. We don’t all want to cuddle. Some of us want to rest for a minute, then climb right back on.

I know these won’t be popular sentiments with some of you, and most of you will probably label me a pervert, but I don’t care. I’ve reached a level of confidence in my sexuality that I didn’t even know was there. I love (and sometimes obsess over) sex, and I’m not going to feel bad about it anymore.

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